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[CF038] T.C.O. - The Die

[CF038] T.C.O. - The Die EP

Released on Sunday 17th January 2010 at, free download.

Clicks, cuts, pulses and glitch intertwine on 6 original tracks and 6 reinterpretations by Sage Taylor, Beat Frequency, Clizia, Communicon, Reflexicon and T.C.O. himself.

1. Pair
2. Two Beasts
3. Trilux
4. Oxygens
5. Blinkblau
6. Untopper
7. Oxygens (Clizia | redshift remix)
8. Two Beasts (T.C.O. | weissen mix)
9. Two Beasts (T.C.O. | third beast remix feat. Beat Frequency)
10. Pair (Reflexicon | hovering over the water remix)
11. Trilux (Communicon | remix)
12. Two Beasts (Sage Taylor | remix)

Release Information:
Six original tracks and six remixes, like The Die’s six faces. Six different fingers over buttons like a six-limbed hand. Something more, something different, unusual, something imperfect. Imperfection makes beauty real, the unique becomes absolute, the absolute neither lives nor dies.

The Die includes six new unreleased tracks and six remixes by T.C.O., Clizia and by The Centrifuge’s artists Reflexicon, Communicon, Sage Taylor, also featuring Beat Frequency, Valentina Bardazzi and Marzia on vocals and some loops by Clizia (Technophonic Chamber Orchestra, Spin Boldak).

Artist Profile: /

T.C.O. is the solo project by Mirco Magnani (Minox, Technophonic Chamber Orchestra, 4Dkiller). He also works on audiovisual and video installations. His second album The Die, released on The Centrifuge's netlabel, comes after his own label Suite inc. experience and the first album Titles (WPCD 007) out on Dec 2009 for the Chinese label We Play! Rec.

T.C.O. biography
T.C.O. aka Mirco Magnani, lives and works in Berlin. He is co-founder and composer of the music projects Minox, Technophonic Chamber Orchestra, 4Dkiller and T.C.O., and producer for various artists from his own independent music label Suite inc. founded in 1996 and ended in 2009. He has worked for his label releases and on the stage with Steven Brown, Blaine L. Reininger and Luc Van Lieschout of Tuxedomoon, Lydia Lunch, Krisma, Mad Professor, Nobukazu Takemura, The Gentle People, Murcof, Daedelus. Since 1984 he has produced music and multimedia events by the project group Minox, the basic idea of this was not limited solely to sound but also incorporated visual and literary arts, dance and theatre, image and poetry.

Mirco began to work for his solo audio-visual project T.C.O. in 2007. He has also made exhibitions by video installations, and has collaborated with the painter Valentina Bardazzi to produce the thematic exhibition titled “Untitled for Parenthesyne Suite” in 2008 and a new one forthcoming in 2010.

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